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Christmas Decor

Meet Katie Loew!

Hi everyone! I’m the owner of Katie’s Heart and Home and the creator of The Gift of Christmas Subscription Box. I started my business in 2020 but due to COVID I was unable to get my business moving. I opened my first retail location in Coopersville, Michigan on Main Street in October of 2021. The Christmas season has always held a special place in my heart and the Christmas spirit is alive in my household and store 365 days a year! I created the subscription box because I wanted to do something special for the Christmas lover, who loves beautiful things, just like me. I wanted to keep spreading the Christmas spirit to households everywhere.

The Gift of Christmas Box is something you can keep for yourself or share with others. My goal is to provide you with items you can use to decorate small places in your home, while awakening the scents, and visuals of the Christmas season every month. Sign up and try us out! Merry Christmas everyone!

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